Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here's some of my beadwork...

Hi and happy Saturday everybody. I hope that yous have a wonderful weekend. As I promised, here's some of the bead work that I've made. I know it's not alot and I can't wait until I start to feel a lil bit better then I can bead my fingers off daily again, but for now I wanted to share these pictures with you. The patterns of all these gorgeous designs are from, Deb Moffett-Hall at Patterns to Bead

I hope that yous enjoyed all the pictures of some of my bead work. Have a fantastic rest of your day!

Friday, February 26, 2010

It seems like forever...

Hi to all my friends that I haven't seen for months now. Gosh, I had been so sick and in the hospital and surgeries and IV meds at home. Well, I'm still not doing that great but I'm hanging in there and wanting so much to see every one's blog and what's been happening in blogland. I miss being home, I miss my special family!
I did just get back out of the hospital again this week with my kidneys again. Also had another surgery with another port. Back in October I had a new port placement after 2 months shy of eight years, I ended up with a horrible blood infection that nearly liked to kill me and it had contaminated my port. So, the Dr. took it out and replaced a new one in my left chest. The other had been in my right chest. Well, In January I was having some problems with my new port but I went in for a procedure and was told it was fine. Ha! I was in the hospital again last week up until Tuesday of this week and guess what? Yep...the port the I had gotten in October had somehow flipped itself upside down and then the tubes were twisted. So, On Monday of this week I had another surgery to have the one port taken out and another new one placed in, this time almost in the middle of my chest so it doesn't have any room to roam. Right now though it does hurt pretty bad, of course I have my entire chest stitched up. I do believe though it's much better then having another pic line placed they way they did when my 1st port had been contaminated back in October, those hurt! They also can't stay in for very long either. So, at least when this heals all up I should be good to go as far as my meds go. I'm back on IV meds at home. They taught me back in late September. I really should have been a nurse! They give you a crash course that's about 1 hour, give you a folder with instructions and a number in case you forget and send you on your way. I do have to say though, it beats staying in the hospital for lengths of time! I have to say this though...I just couldn't stay away any longer from my friends/family here in blogland, sick or not sick I had to come here and post and see yous again!
I've had a rough way to go here for some months now but I'd much rather it be me then my sons, grandchildren, friends or even someone I don't know. I know that one day all the tests, surgeries and things that I've gone thru over my kidneys in my life will to be of the help to some one else in the future!
Oh...when I had gotten that blood infection it also went straight to my teeth and I had gotten this horrible abscess to which I had to have all of my teeth removed! This makes me not a very happy camper but I have to wait till at least May for dentures because of my kidneys I'm not healing the way I should and now I have to have my gums shaved sometime late April or so. I'll tell you if it wouldn't have been for my second oldest son, Michael coming with me to the Dentist that day and about holding my hand I would have never had the courage to do it alone! I'm always seeing a kidney Dr., gosh, not a Dentist, so I was a wreck to say the least! I really thought about not even mentioning this about my teeth because it's so embarrassing. But I think of yous as family so that's why I've included this.
It's been brought to my attention that there has been a few deaths here in our blogland family. I'm so sorry to you and will keep you in my prayers!
Also, I've been told that there has been more illness here in bloglang among family members and their families at home. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that everything turns out the very best!
It's going to take me a lil bit to get caught up on back post and posting new posts here and on your blogs, please know that yous have been in my thoughts and in my heart!
Good news: I'm going to be the proud Maw-maw of my 7th grand baby sometime this June! It's a girl and her name Sofia! I don't know her middle yet but I'll keep yous posted!
I'll post some pictures of some beading pieces that I've made over the last few months in the next day or so. It's not alot though, it's very hard for me to bead while I'm sick. But boy do have some great ideas! I've purchased some books and did some reading while I was sick and as soon as I start to feel better, hmm watch out, the beads will be going on! Then more good news, I was invited to be a member of the EtsyBead Street Team, so I've very honored and excited!
Till tomorrow...sure did miss everyone!