Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Thanks to you Marie!

I want to thank my good friend Marie Segal, for the wonderful article that she wrote about me and my new line of Amulet Bags. Thanks so much Marie for the honor of me being on your blog! It actually was my pleasure to be able to work with one of your gorgeous beads! I just loved it and it makes such a awesome Focal bead on my Amulet Bag!
I have to say that I met Marie on Bead Space and since that we've been very good friends! Marie had sent me the most beautiful bracelet and sent me the bead that I used as a Focal Bead in my Amulet Bag. Marie's a talented Artist! She's also a wonderful person, good friend, mom and grandmom of a beautiful baby girl! Here's a few of her sites for you to check out, I'm sure that you will be intriged!

Marie's blog

Marie's husband Howard's Shop

Here's a picture of my Amulet bag that Marie talked about and her gorgeous Focal bead:

Here's a link to take a peek at what Marie wrote in her Article