Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's been such a long time...

Hi everyone,'s been such a long, long time now since I've been on my blog. Actually for that matter, my computer, hmm life itself. I hope that I even remember how to post! I do want to apologize to everyone for not being able to blog, bead, keep up with promises made from months ago. Also to create, design, keep up with all my blog sisters and with my blog itself.

For the past months since last time yous have heard from me I've been fighting with my health. Please, please, please don't think that I've been ignoring anyone. I've just been trying to regain some of my health back again. I've spent long weeks and months at a time in and out of the hospital. Back at home with IV Meds and in home care. Unfortunately in October I was given some bad news that for right now I'd rather not speak of. I promise though in the future I'll keep everyone posted as much as I can with my updates.

It took me the longest time before I was even able to get back on my computer. It was way to difficult for me to even sit but I have to say that it feels so nice to be able to sit here this evening at my computer and type a new post. Honestly though I so need new Office Furniture! If you would only see the chair that I'm sitting in, or should I say, trying to sit in you would so understand.

My grandchildren are doing so well. The baby is getting so big and my goodness is she beautiful! My sons are all fine and my furry babies are great! I hope that yous have had wonderful and blessed holidays filled with love, family and friends! I will try my best to post something at least once a week if my health allows for it. Also, once I start to feel a lil bit better I want to make those wonderful ladies the gifts that I had promised. I've missed so much and feel so bad. I almost feel like I deserted  yous, but the reality of everything is that everyone of yous I've held very close to me in my heart all these months and I've thought of everyone and your families very often! I miss yous and hope to be able to stop in at your blogs again very soon. I've said this before and I really mean this from the very bottom of my heart and being. My heart is filled with so much friendship and love, everyone makes me feel so good and you all, each and everyone of yous have all touched my heart in so many different and wonderful ways. I want to thank everyone for your tenderness, love, caring, prayers, friendship healing thoughts and positive energies. For all your cards, calls, gifts and genuine sisterly love! Yous all mean the world to me, thank you! It's wonderful to be a part of this great family!
Thank you all so much for stopping in this evening! Until the next
time, bead happy...
Hugs and happy beading...