Monday, July 27, 2009

Putting up our Cross...

I have a lot of things right now on my mind, but I wanted to share these wonderful pictures of when we put up our Cross at my Church. It was the 15th of April 2006 and I remember it as if it were yesterday. Our Church keeps growing and we at one point had rented a High School's auditorium to have worship in. Then we saved enough money to be able to purchase a piece of wonderful property of 30 plus acres. Then we built our new Church. Well in the back of the Church their are beautiful woods filled with ponds, creeks and trees galore. So we went and cut down a huge tree and with a tractor we pulled it, we tied it, then we shaved some of the bark off of it and packed it up this giant hill and put it up. I'll never forget that day, to me, well it was just breath taking and I was very moved and touched by everyone that had come and done what we all did that beautiful day! So, I hope that you enjoy these pictures. Here goes, you might want to grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea because they're lots of pictures for you to see...

As you see at this point we were having some problems getting the Cross lifted to the height it needed to be.

But we heaved and we pulled and did a lot of praying and sure enough, we got it!

It was an amazing day and a awesome site to see and the very best feeling that our Cross was put up on the hillside!

There was a silence for a moment or two, then we cheered and we cried and we hugged another and just sighed, as our Cross was standing tall.

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures as much as I loved taking them and being there that awesome and wonderful day and now being able to share them with you today!
I did want to tell you that I'm having surgery tomorrow on my kidneys, left one to be exact again. If you didn't know, I have very bad kidneys and have been sick all of my life with them. So, for the last few days my mind has been wandering and today I think I've said aloud "Bobbi, let it go" at least now 100 times or better, which actually is helping! I've had so many surgeries in my lifetime that you would think I'd be a pro at this already, but the truth is, I'm afraid. So, with that being said...I probably won't be back on my computer for the next couple of days. I hope that yous have a wonderful week!
Giant hugs and love...