Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Info that may be useful to you...

Q: What does "temporarily strung" mean?

A: For convenience, some beads are strung for shipping. The quality of the string and the stringing is not such that you would want to trust it in the long term for your projects! However, buying beads temporarily strung can make it easier to string them for your projects. Simply slide the needle with your good thread down through the beads next to the temporary string to transfer them.

Q: How long are your bugle beads?

A: Just when you thought you had seed beads figured out, eh? - we throw bugle beads at you. #3 bugles are 6-7 mm, #4s are 8-9mm. Larger sizes are indicated in mm.

Q: What is a "mm"?

A: mm is short for "millimetre" - there are about 25 mm in an inch.

Q: Why are those lovely red beads more expensive than the same bead in another colour?

A: Red glass, and the really nice pinks and purples, are more expensive than other colours of glass - as the main colouring agent is gold.

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