Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tomatoes, aren't they grand!

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes is what I love to see in my garden! That's because I love them! I love them right off the vine, and I especially love them green and fried! Yummmm! I can't wait for some fried green tomatoes!
With all the great pictures from everyone that I've seen on your blogs, of your gardens, I had to share my garden with yous to! I have a smaller garden but it'll give me all the freshest and best tomatoes and green peppers that I need this year! I also have some lettuce and zucchini.
I have 8 tomato plants, 4 green pepper plants then some lettuce and only 1 zucchini plant this year. I had been in the hospital due to my bad kidneys again and just wasn't feeling up to planting everything that I normally would. But that's quite alright because it's plenty for me! Even some for my sons and their families too!
Everything is doing great and my tomatoes are full of baby green tomatoes, here I go again mentioning green tomatoes it's just because they're so yummy... fried green favorite!
If you need a great recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes, stop in at Lynda's blog, at:
Swoopin' Along
Hopefully my zucchinis will have some nice ones for me to make my famous zucchini bread with this year! I'll share that recipe with all of yous when it gets time to pick them, somewhat closer to fall. So, to all my fellow gardening friends...I hope that all your gardens are plentiful and yield all the many wonderful things you planted in abundance! Happy Gardening...


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your plants look great! We have had so much rain up here that my tomatoes are pretty unhappy!! Hope you're feeling better! What's wrong with your kidneys? Enjoy your week!

LDWatkins said...

Great pictures and nice garden! Our 103 degree days are taking their spite out on my garden, sigh....but the tomatoes still look good. Thanks for the link on the Fried Green Tomato recipe!!! I do hope you are feeling well now. Hugs to you

Caroline said...

Hi Bobbi! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog! Hope you had a wonderful day with all your family! So lucky to have the family around - Louisa lives in Dubai and Julie in Australia, so I don't get to see them often:( I've taken a look at your kitty Ashes - definitely a family resemblance there (to our Tia, I mean!!). Your tomatoes look super - I just love picking them off the vine! I've never tried fried green tomatoes so will take a look at that link!

Bobbi said...

Hi Walking on Sunshine, thanks for stopping in! Also thank you for your kind words about my garden! Sorry to hear about all your rain! Gosh, I really don't like rain! I hope that it starts to let up for you and that your garden starts to perk up and do better. Have a great day!

Hi Lynda, good to see you today! Thanks so much for your compliments on my garden! Oh no, 103 degree weather...that's way to hot for anything to grow! Gosh, I hope that you have central air, that's way to hot for me to! I sure hope it eases up some for you and your garden! You're more then welcome as far as the link goes, your Fried Green Tomato Recipe is great an I want to thank you for it! Mine is very similar but you saved me from writing one and your pictures of everything were just fantastic! Thank you! I hope that you have a great day!

Hi Caroline, yep, family is wonderful! I sure have a big one to with having 4 sons and 6 grand-children! But everything turned out perfect yesterday! We all had a very nice time! I'm glad that you though your Tia and my Ashes looked alike to, when I seen your Tia I just couldn't believe the resemblance!
For sure stop over at Lynda's blog and check her recipe out, it's great and I'm sure that you will love it!

As far as my kidneys ladies, I'm hanging in there for right this minute. I had been back in the hospital about a month ago. I was born with bad kidneys so I've had hundreds, plus surgeries! I also make stone faster then they can take them out. There for many years I was having 2 surgeries a week, and that was just for stones! I've had kidney failure a few times to. Then a couple of years ago the Dr's replaced both of my ureters with part of my intestines in hopes that would help lesson my surgeries. Because of that surgery I was in a wheel chair for the last 2 years but now I'm up and walking, walking slow, but walking...Praise God for that, I was one sick cookie! Well now I have a small hole in the left intestine where it's now my ureter to which is allowing bacteria to shoot straight into my left kidney, which is not good! Then also on the left side it's collapsed now and they want to try to go in and do a balloon stent placement there to see if that works. I want to say this though, that's it's fine with me being sick, I've had a chance to meet a lot of precious and wonderful people that I wouldn't have had the chance to meet if I wouldn't have been in the hospital. Better me then someone else to have to go thru all of this! I'm used to it, it's been going on all my life now. Sometimes though, it's had it's draw backs, I've been in the hospital at one time or another or several times on birthdays, every holiday and special events in our family! I missed 2 of my sons weddings due to me being in the hospital also. But, all and all it's ok with me, I promise! I feel that God has a plan for me and I sit tight and sit good with His plans! There must be a reason for all of this, so it's alright with me!
But thank you's so much for asking and being concerned, very, very sweet of you's and I very much appreciate it! I hope that all of you's have a wonderful day!

Marie S said...
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Marie S said...

Sorry forgot to put Lynda's name in the last post. But with you two talking about fried green tomatoes it is torture, I need a gluten free recipe. I am drooling here.

Bobbi said...

lol Hi Marie lol aww Sweetie, very sorry but I really do love them. I know Lynda must to, her recipe is just great! Good to see you today! Gosh, I've been so busy...I'm not sure, am I up or sleeping. lol Between the grandkids, the big b-day party I had yesterday for 2 of my sons and me trying to figure out how to make this PDF File for my pattern, wow, I've been very busy! I hope that you're doing well!
Giant hugs to you my friend...

Marie S said...

Thanks Bobbi, I am hoping with all of the mermaids, I will get cool. LOL!!
You will enjoy Diana's mermaids they are just darling.
Thanks for stopping by.
Big hugs to you Bobbi!