Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Which Stitch are you???

That's right...what Stitch are you??? Beading Daily has the answer for you. Maybe you're a Right-Angle Weave, or maybe a Brick Stitch, or a Herringbone Stitch or even a Square Stitch or what about a Peyote Stitch.
Lets be honest and see what stitch we are. So...are you a:
Right-Angle Weave
You are a very cerebral person, but have more than one flowing garment in your closet. Maps are laughable to you, as you always know your way. Unfortunately, people think you’re babbling when you try to explain things to them.
Or you may be a:
Brick Stitch
Reliable and strong on the outside, you are fairly complicated on the inside. You happily let your guard down around friends, who can always entice you onto the dance floor to show off your righteous moves.
Or maybe you may be a:

Herringbone Stitch
Life for you is a series of ups and downs that eventually lead to a harmonious and ordered whole. You rely on a little help from your friends for grounding and support and you probably know a thing or two about walking a tightrope.
Or even a:
Square Stitch

You like things to be finalized and fairly buttoned up. You color inside the lines and probably have a big collection of Delicas. People like to be around you because you have wads of money hidden under your mattress.

How about a:
Peyote Stitch
You come across as put-together and easygoing, but the truth is you’re fairly lazy, often tread on thin ice, and like to play the horses. You don’t like to be confined to one way of doing things and would rather experiment, sometimes at the cost of showing off your inner workings.
So...which Stitch are you??? I have to say that I do color in all the lines and have a pretty good size collection of Delica's, but have no money stashed under my mattress! I can only wish! Then again I'm fairly easy going, but don't ever play the horses, gosh, I don't even ride horses. lol I'd have to say that I'm reliable and strong on the outside. Plus my life has had a series of ups and downs, and maps are laughable to me, I don't understand them. lol But I do where I'm going. Hmm, maybe I'm Freeform. lol So...which Stitch are you???
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LDWatkins said...

Well, I'm not sure which stitch I am but those pieces are heavenly! I think a mix between the Peyote and Brick...dang, I'd like to have money in a mattress. Cute post! Have a wonderful day, Bobbi

Bobbi said...

Hi Lynda and it's always such a pleasure to see you! Gosh, wouldn't we all love that...mattress money, oh, that'd be so great! Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope that you have a wonderful day.