Thursday, July 2, 2009

Info about Bead appearances...

Austrian Swarovski Crystals- Beads with a high lead content and precision faceting.

Bugle Beads- Tube shaped beads from 2mm to 30mm in length. These can be straight, hex cut, or twisted along their length.

Charlotte's- These are seed beads that have been ground flat on one side.

Transparent — Classic, changeable, transparent glows with background light, and changes with the colour of the beads around it.

Opaque — Always useful, opaque glass. A solid-colored bead commonly seen in the traditional Native American beadwork.

Metallic — for the rich, metallic look.

Lustre — a subtle look, Lustre is softer than a high-gloss.

Colour-Lined — a colour-core with a transparent coat.

Satin- Directional sheen due to many tiny bubbles pulled through the glass as the bead is formed.

Silver-Lined — A silver inner core, with a transparent colour overlay gives a glittering, luxurious effect.

Oily — despite the odd name, is a lovely, subtle finish, slightly lustrous.

Matte — Matte is a silky soft non-glossy finish. May be combined with another finish

Iris or Aurora Borealis (AB) — Aurora Borealis or Iris is an iridescent finish reminiscent of the play of colours on a soap bubble. May be transparent or opaque, glossy or matte.

Dyed — some colours are harder to create and are simulated with dyes. The dyes do not rub off in these beads, but may fade with time.

Pearl — very subtle lustrous finish


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great glossary. Descriptions of appearance can be confusing to many people and this is helpful in explaining them.

Bobbi said...
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Bobbi said...

Hi, thanks so much! I know when I first started beading things were very confusing to me. That's why I posted this, in hopes to help someone new. Thanks so much for your comment. I hope that you have a wonderful evening.