Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life and Death...The Renee Bracelet Giveaway...

My dear, sweet and loving friend, Marie Segal is having her 3rd Giveaway at her fantastic blog, Art from my Heart This Giveaway is in honor of a wonderful and loving person, Renee. Some of you may already know Renee and her touching story, but if you don't please, take the time to go to her blog, Circling My Head
Marie's rules are simple for this 3rd Giveaway, here they are:
1. You will have to take the time to go and visit Renee's blog and read at least two of the entries. If so inclined proceed to show her the love.
2. You will have to offer up a prayer, a good intention, a loving or healing thought for Renee and her family.
Renee has Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Also, Renee's mother, sister and nephew is also in need of our prayers and uplifting healing thoughts and love for severe health problems.
I know that Marie and myself do believe in magic and that the power of two and more are stronger, and miracles from our Lord. So please, help us pray and send all our healing and loving thoughts to Renee and her family, maybe together we all can make a difference!
If you want to read more why my dear friend, Marie Segal is having Giveaways, please go here.
Let's all together try to make a difference!


Marie S said...

Awwwwwww Bobbi thank you!
I am sorry to make you cry, but if it is a good cry I understand those very well.
I love you too and hope you are feeling pretty good today.
Talk to you later
Love and hugs.
PS don't forget to post your blog link in my blog so you get another entry.
You are the best!!!
Good luck!!

Bobbi said...

Hi Marie, so good to see you today! Well, let's all pray and hope and put all our prayers, healing thoughts and love together for Renee and her family, maybe we all can make a difference!
You're a wonderful person Marie with a very sweet, kind and loving heart! I'm very blessed to have you in my life and as a good friend!
Hugs and love to you...

Renee said...

Bobbi thank you so much.

Bobbi I want to know how you are feeling? Since the operation, I was wondering if you are doing okay.

Love Renee xoxo

Silke said...

Hi Bobbie,

What a wonderful promotion for your friends Marie and Renee. You are all three special women!! So glad to have met you!

I hope you are feeling alright. Are you continuing to heal?

Hugs, Silke

LDWatkins said...

What a wonderful tribute to Renee from both of you! But the two of you are precious also. Our prayers have also been for you, Bobbi, in hopes that you too will be healed. So many prayers for all of you...lifting up that many has to help! Love to you,Lynda

Bobbi said...

Hi Renee, so good to see you! You're more then welcome! Gosh, I hope and pray that with all our prayers, healing thoughts and love that between everyone that we can all make a difference for you and for your family! My heart goes out to you and your family! You're so sweet, kind and so very strong and loving and you're a total inspiration to me! Then Marie made that beautiful bracelet in your honor and it just touched my heart again, you're very loved!
As far as me, well, I haven't been feeling to well. I actually have a infection now. I have a nephrostomy bag in/on my left kidney that as far as I know right now will be permanent. I will have to have surgeries for it every 3-4 months tough. Plus the Dr's still have to come to a decision on what they're going to do as far as my uretors collasping. They already replaced them with part of my intestines, now those are collasped. I've had bad kidney s all my life so now they just seem to be getting worse.
I hope that you have a wonderful day Renee,you're in my prayers and so is your family!
Hugs and love to you...

Bobbi said...

Hi Silke, Thank you so much for your kind words! You're always so very sweet!
I've been not feeling so swell, but that happens alot. Thanks so much for asking and for your kinds thoughts! I so appreciate them!

Hi Lynda, very nice to see you! Thank you for you kindness again! You're always so nice to me...thank you! Thank you also for all your prayers, I so appreciate all of them! Thank you and I hope that you have a wonderful day!