Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's been almost 2 months...

Hi, gosh it's been along time since I've posted! I've been in and out of the hospital again with surgeries and back and forth to doctor appointments and still on IV medications here at home. I've had a few crazy bacteria infections now that have been very serious and have had to find another kidney specialist. All and all it's been a rough couple of months for me but I want everyone to know that I always think of you's and everyone has been in my prayers. Okie dokie now...enough about me and on to bigger and much better and happier of things...

Here's the newest picture of my youngest grand-daughter, Sofia Breeze, gosh...they grow up so quick!
 Also I have to share this precious picture that my daughter-n-law, Donna had sent me from her cell phone. This is my lil 4 year old grandson, Aden and his baby sister, Sofia Breeze after a long day at play:

 Here's Aden with green spikes in his hair lol:

 Now here's my third oldest grandson, Brandan with his new hair dooooo.

Here's Brandan on that same day after his first football practice with his pads on, ought oh... looks like he lost his new hair:

Here's my grand-daughter, Kaley after she caught herself a beautiful butterfly:

 This is Kaley trying to hand the butterfly to her twin sister, Haley:

To all of you's that know me you's know that I'm a big time animal lover. Well, a kitty belonging to one of my friends had gotten outside and sure enough had kittens. She tried and tried to find them homes and then even had tried a no kill animal shelter but in our area they were all full. Well, needless to say I have a new kid on my block sorta speak...Bella. She makes my 4th kitty and my 7th furry one in my home now. I also have my 3 furry pups to. She really wasn't something I planned on nor thought I would even want but she's a lil cutie and oh so bad. lol But I know in time she'll be fine. All of the furry ones get along great! So I'd like to introduce to you...Bella:

I won a gorgeous piece that a very sweet and wonderful lady named Kelly at :
Mystical Entities,  Kelly had a Giveaway - Random Acts of Kindness at her blog. She was also kind enough to send away for a gorgeous picture from a Art Studio in California from E-bay for a picture of a Boxer that looks just like my Rocky. Kelly has furry ones of her own and is so talented! She's also a very sweet person whom I'm happy to say that I've become friends with. If you's would be so kind to stop over at Kelly's blog I know that she'd love to have you and welcome you with open arms! Kelly, my goodness Sweetie, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart...I loveee everything! Your work is just fabulous! I wish that my pictures would be so much better because they sure don't show how gorgeous your piece is. I have to say it's my favorite color also...thank you, thank you, thank you! I absolutely love it! Plus the picture of the Boxer is the greatest!

Now this is what the Giveaway was about:

"The idea is that random acts of kindness are given without expecting anything in return. Just passing on the kindness, hoping that your recipients will do the same and forming a never-ending chain of kindness.

That's what this is about. But it isn't only kindness it is also a means to connect with our fellow crafters. To network if you will and to spread our work (instead of having it sit in our house where only friends and family get to see it).

And this is how it works:

You'll have to comment on this post and the first 3 people who comment will receive a handmade gift from me within the next few months. But those 3 commenters will also have to post the idea on their blog and commit to making a gift for the first 3 people who comment on their post and so on and so forth."If you don't have a blog - simply send along something to 3 people you know that would benefit from a random act of kindness and ask them to return the favor to 3 other people etc.

This is going to be a fun and rewarding experience!
So please pass on the word and spread some kindness!

To the first 3 people that make a comment here on my blog today I to will make you something handmade and send it to you in the next 2 months if you will be willing to commit to do the same.

Again a very special thank you to Kelly for your wonderful Random Acts of Kindness!

I also had won another Giveaway from Julie at her Etsy Shop:
Bella Rose Designs
If you would to please stop in to see her at her blog:
Singing Three Little Birds I know that she'd be so happy to meet you! Thank you so much again for the gorgeous Fabric and Washer Necklace!

I really haven't been doing much beading lately because of me being sick but I have accomplished a few things. First, I finished my beaded Art Doll that I had purchased from a incredible Bead Artist, Christine or better known as Littlebead. You can look at her gorgeous art at her Etsy Shop I'm very happy with the way she came out I really just wish I could figure out how to get some good pictures of her. lol But here she is:

I belong to a couple of Yahoo Art Doll Group's. One is Goddess Dolls and the other is Decidedly Different Dolls. At Decidedly Different Dolls we had a Swap for July. It was to make a Moon Doll. I sent my Art Dolls to a great lady named, Stacie, better known as Whytefeather on her blog, Squirrelly Duck. If you would please visit Stacie at her blog she's a fantastic Bead Artist and a wonderful person whom I'm happy to be friends with! I know she'd be very happy you stopped in to see her!
Squirrelly Duck
The cabs that I used to make the Moon Dolls were made by my Sis, Beth at her blog, Bellesanbeaus Crafts. Please stop by Beth's awesome blog and see her work. She'd love to have you and I know that you'll be so happy you did! Thanks Sis for the awesome cabs... I loveee them!
Bellesanbeaus Crafts The gal that is sending my Art Doll has been a bit swamped and it'll be arriving to me soon, when it does I'll post it for all to see. But here's what I sent to Stacie...Moon Beam and her lil sister, Moon:

Okie dokie, moving right along I have to say thanks again to my Sis, Beth for telling me about these wonderful ATC'S and a great blog that swaps them! I just made my first of ATC's and received my first ATC to!
Here's some things you should know what Artist Trading Cards are: The ATC must be 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches (regulation ATC size)
You can use any media to create your ATC .
Please make sure your ATC is sturdy enough to withstand posting, if trading through the mail.
ATC holders or clear plastic covers can be used.
A ATC is never to be purchased only traded.
On the back of your ATC you need to have your name, blog or e-mail, Title, date, number of ATC and also any other info that you can fit on the back of the card.
If you want to find out more about ATC'S or better know as Artist Trading Cards please
go here.
Now I know I'm hooked and want to make many more ATC'S and collect just as many as I can. So if you want to trade any ATC'S pleaseee let me know and we can do a trade!
But the ATC Blog that you's should take a peek at is
Blissfull ATC Swap.
I know that you'll be so happy that you did!
This month the swap was "Orange" and I traded with a wonderful gal named Wendy at, Blissangels.
Here's my very first ATC in my collection that Wendy sent me, also she made the sweetest Butterfly Card for me to.

  Thank you so much Wendy I just loveee your ATC and I'll always treasure it because it's my very first in my collection of ATC'S! Thank you so much again!
Now here my first ATC that I made, "Love" and sent for Wendy:

 Then I also belong to another Yahoo Group, Luner Dreams and as a getting to know you introduction to this group we're having a swap with a ATC! So I'm excited about that because it'll make my 2nd ATC! But here's the ones that I made for that. I had a option to only make for 1 or to make for everyone that wanted to swap and that was my choice although I'll only be getting 1 ATC in return for myself. but here they are:

 I have to say that making all of these were so much fun! Thanks Sis for telling me about them and now I'm sooooo hooked on them! lol

It was so good to be able to post able and to see everyone and chat!  I've sure missed everyone veryyyyy much! Thank you all so much for stopping in and for your love and caring! Until the next
time, bead happy...
Hugs and happy beading...

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Bellesanbeaus said...

Wow I came here thinking I would have lost out on the pay it surprise unless you are hoarding those comments girlie!!! Thank you for the lovely mention of my cabs and the wonderful glowing appreciation of hog tieing you to become an ATCer!!! lol Funny how we talk each other into things our heart secretly desires!!! Hope you are having a great day...loved the pics of the babies! talk to ya later...Beth